Terms and conditions of use. Company Policy.


 Our company’s orders are shipped throughout Greece Free

 The orders of our company in areas within countries of the European Union charged with an amount of around EUR 40 per carpet



By credit card 

The customer can pay the purchase price and other agreed fees and charges by credit (Visa, Mastercard, Diners and American Express) or debit or prepaid card issuing of recognized Greek or foreign Bank, which accepts to transaction COMPANY. Payment is a lump sum or fee interest free installments, from 3 to 18, depending on the amount of credit Visa type cards, Mastercard, Diners and American Express.

Specifically, the customer can benefit from dose schedule provided that the sale price is worth more than € 3.10 and doses provided according to the following scale:

For price € 3.10- € 99.99 given opportunity to settle up 3 installments list service

For price € 100- € 299.99 given potential for redemption up to 6 free installments list service

For price € 300- € 499.99 given opportunity to settle up with 10 free installments with customer choice

For price € 500- € 999.99 given potential for repayment up to 18 installments with customer choice

By cash 

The customer can pay the purchase price and other agreed fees and charges with cash, payable at the store cashier or by bank deposit of our company

Cash on Delivery 

The customer can pay the purchase price and other agreed fees and charges via cash on delivery that the payment of the amount due to the authorized receivable, distributor COMPANY upon delivery of the goods sold in the declared in the order, place of delivery. The delivery becomes only cash is accepted for amounts up to € 3.500 while excluded for larger amounts. In case the total purchase price (including shipping costs and expenses) an amount exceeding € 500 The Company has the discretion to ask for an advance of part of the price for the commencement of the sale either by cash at the store or by credit card the client, and if the customer refuses to pay the amount of the prescribed deposit is entitled to refrain from starting implementation of its obligations from the sale until the customer to comply claim it. This applies in particular, but not limited to, in cases where one or more of the products sold is required to be ordered from a supplier. For all sales with payment of the price on delivery, confirmation and acceptance of the order is as in all cases in writing (e-mail - e mail) but in this case, in addition becomes telephone confirmation directly with the customer. Also, if the market is being sought invoice (sales trader at) the delivery cannot exceed the amount of 500 euro in total


The customer is obliged on receipt, to unpack and check the products to verify the absence of external, sensory defects, and if there is entitled to block the receipt of the item and return it to the distributor failing to announce the existence of aesthetic defects in within ten (10) calendar days of receipt of the species while in case of expiry of that period loses all entitlement. COMPANY required in a short time to make this kind of replacement with new. If unqualified receipt nature is considered that this was delivered in perfect condition without external sensory defects.

Returns of the products made by charging COMPANY